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Pardot Einstein

Complete Overview of Pardot Einstein Features

Share this article...Pardot Einstein is a set of AI-powered features for Pardot marketing automation, namely Einstein Behaviour Scoring, Einstein Lead Scoring, Einstein Campaign…
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Pardot Lead Grading & Scoring

Pardot Scoring vs Grading: Pinpoint Hot Prospects

Share this article...Two Pardot features work in combination to empower you, and other teams in your organization, to prioritize and qualify new prospects.…
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Pardot Lead Scoring

What is Pardot Einstein Behavior Score? vs Pardot Score

Share this article...Einstein Behavior Score is a Pardot Einstein feature that looks at if a prospect signals ‘ready to buy’ engagement. Over time,…
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Pardot Scoring

Using Pardot Scoring Categories: a Quick Guide

Share this article...Pardot scoring categories allow you to score prospects on more than one product, service, or business unit. As opposed to having…
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Why Pardot Scoring & Grading are Better Together

Why Pardot Scoring & Grading are Better Together ByChristina Anderson Marketing and sales alignment What is your Marketing Qualified Lead criteria for when…
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Supercharge Sales & Marketing Alignment with Pardot Scoring Categories

By Conor Ebbs, Digital Marketing Director at Immedis Marketing automation at its best could be boiled down to one mantra: simple features, well…
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