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How to Effectively Add Opportunity Contact Roles (Flow)

Flows can be scary to create, but Opportunity Contact Roles are important for Pardot’s campaign influence reporting. Here are the blueprints to create…
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How to Approach Not-for-Profit Marketing Reporting

Reporting on not-for-profit marketing efforts You can create a report in Pardot using existing reporting templates, or by creating a custom template based…
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weird opens Pardot

Weird Open Rates in Pardot Email Reports Explained

Email Opens are the most basic metric that marketers look at in their Pardot email reports. A good open rate suggests that your…
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How to Capture Every UTM Touchpoint in Salesforce

Refreshed and republished on September 10, 2021 This post was originally published on February 2, 2021. After this post was published, Salesforce released…
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Pardot Reporting

MQL Reporting in Salesforce: Tips, Tricks and Examples

You have your lead lifecycle set up, your scoring set up, and the MQLs are flowing in. Now it’s time to pull reports…
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The One Pardot Email Report That You Should Have

If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only have one Pardot report, which one would you pick?  I’d choose the…
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