Pardot Trailheads

Salesforce Pardot Trailheads are a series of online tutorials that coach beginner and intermediate Pardot users who need to learn how to use the Salesforce Pardot platform. Lessons are presented in a specific sequence, so customers have a predefined path to follow and a "guided, curated" experience, according to Salesforce.

Find all the training you need — whether you’re just learning to use Pardot or you’re looking to delve deeper. Salesforce offer training on a wide range of marketing automation features, functionality, and best practices to help you get the most out of your platform.


Get Started with Pardot

  1. Create an Account at TrailheadBefore you can take your first step on a Trailhead trail, module, or project, you first need to create an account. This is your home base for completing challenges, earning badges and tracking your progress.
  2. Learn Pardot Lightning App Basics (and earn your first badge!)This is the perfect module to kick-off your Pardot journey. This module will run you through the basics of Pardot as well as give you a great baseline knowledge. Plus, once you complete all three units in the module you’ll earn your first badge and elevate your Trailblazer rank to Hiker.
  3. Here are my Pardot Trail/Module Favorites!


Pardot Basics
TypeNameEst. Time
TrailheadGet Started with Pardot 15 mins
TrailheadLearn how to Navigate the Pardot 15 mins
TrailheadLearn how Pardot Handles Prospects & Visitors15 mins
On-Demand WebinarHow To: Pardot: Use Salesforce Campaigns (Accelerator)90 mins
On-Demand WebinarLead Management 101 (Accelerator)90 mins


TypeNameEst. Time
TrailheadGet Started with Email Marketing15 mins
DocumentationPardot’s Permission Based Marketing Policy10 mins
TrailheadCraft Effective Marketing Emails25 mins
TrailheadFollow Legal Compliance Guidelines15 mins
TrailheadImprove Email Deliverability15 mins
TrailheadPardot Email Sending: Quick Look10 mins
Individual SessionHow To: Pardot: Email Marketing Strategy3 hours over 2 weeks
Help DocsHow to Use Dynamic Content in an Email2 mins
On-Demand WebinarHow to: Pardot: Send List Emails (Accelerator)90 mins
DocumentationProtecting Your Email Stats from Bot Activity with Metrics Guard for Email2 mins
VideoDeliverability vs. Mailability – Nightclub Guide for Pardot Marketers30 mins


Forms & Landing Pages
TypeNameEst. Time
TrailheadForms: Introduction and how to use Forms20 min
TrailheadUse Pardot Landing Pages 20 mins
On-Demand WebinarHow to: Use Forms and Landing Pages (Accelerator)90 mins


Lead Grading & Scoring
TypeNameEst. Time
TrailheadGet Started with Lead Qualification20 mins
TrailheadUse Scoring in Pardot 30 mins
TrailheadUse Grading in Pardot 30 mins
TrailheadAutomate Lead Qualification in Pardot 25 mins





TypeNameEst. Time
TrailheadGetting Started with B2B Marketing Analytics5 mins
Pardot TrainingB2B Marketing Analytics Widget Glossary10 mins
Help DocsB2B Marketing Automation Dataset Breakdown10 mins
TrailheadB2B Marketing Analytics Dashboards10 mins

Review Reporting in Pardot B2B Marketing Analytics

Learning Objectives

10 mins
TrailheadB2B Marketing Analytics: Explore the Standard Dashboards15 mins
Help DocsB2B Marketing Analytics Dashboards3 mins
Help DocsOptional Uses for B2B Marketing Analytics3 mins


Engagement Studio & Automation
TypeNameEst. Time
TrailheadCreate an Engagement Studio Program in Pardot30 mins
TrailheadLearn About Actions, Triggers and Rules15 mins
Help DocsEngagement Studio Action Steps5 mins
Help DocsEngagement Studio Trigger Steps5 mins
Help DocsEngagement Studio Rule Steps5 mins
Help DocsEngagement Program Suppression List Example5 mins
TrailheadWork with Time Pauses in Engagement Studio15 mins
Help DocsHow does time work with engagement studio?5 mins
Help DocsTime Settings in Engagement Program with Steps5 mins
TrailheadEngagement Studio Best Practices15 mins
TrailheadGet Started with Automation Tools15 mins
TrailheadUse Completion Actions in Pardot30 mins
Help DocsCompletion Action Overview3 mins
Help DocsCompletion Action Definitions5 mins
TrailheadUse Automation Rules in Pardot30 mins
Help DocsAutomation Rule Actions5 mins
TrailheadUse Segmentation Rules in Pardot30 mins
Help DocsSegmentation Rules Overview3 mins
Help DocsSegmentation Rule Criteria Reference3 mins
Help DocsSegmentation Rule Action Reference3 mins
Pardot TrainingMatch Any vs. Match All2 mins
TrailheadUse Dynamic Lists in Pardot25 mins
Help DocsCreating Dynamic Lists2 mins
Help DocsDynamic vs Static Lists2 mins
TrailheadChoose the Right Automation Tools in Pardot20 mins
Pardot TrainingPardot Automation Decision Tree2 mins
Pardot TrainingAutomation Rules vs. Segmentation Rules2 mins
Pardot TrainingAutomation Rules vs. Completion Actions2 mins
Help DocsChoosing the Right Automation Tool – which one do I use?10 mins
Help DocsEngagement Program Reporting3 mins
Individual SessionHow to: Use Engagement Studio90 mins




Account-Based Marketing
TypeNameEst. Time
Pardot TrainingThe B2B Marketer’s Guide to Account-Based Marketing25 mins
Pardot TrainingWhat is Account-Based Marketing?25 mins
TrailheadGet Started with Account-Based Marketing10 mins
TrailheadLearn the Tools for Account-Based Marketing10 mins
TrailheadBuild Your Account-Based Marketing Strategy10 min
ArticleHow to Improve Customer Relationships and Business Value with Sales and Marketing Alignment5 mins
Blog PostRunning an Integrated ABM Campaign in 5 Steps3 mins
Blog PostHow to Use Account-Based Engagement to Improve Customer Experience3 mins
Pardot TrainingAccount-Based Marketing Guide20 mins
Pardot TrainingHow to Use Dynamic Content to Target Key Accounts5 mins
Pardot TrainingEmail Nurture Campaigns You Can Use for ABM5 mins
Pardot TrainingHow to Use Direct Mail for ABM5 mins
Pardot TrainingEvents: How to Get the Right People in the Room5 mins
Pardot TrainingStart a Conversation on Social Channels5 mins
Pardot TrainingHow to Amp up ABM with Digital Ads5 mins
Blog PostIntroducing Three New Pardot Innovations for Account-Based Marketing2 mins


Lead Nurturing
TypeNameEst. Time
TrailheadEngage Prospects with Lead Nurturing10 mins
TrailheadUnderstand the Value of Lead Nurturing15 mins
TrailheadEnable your Sales Team with Lead Nurturing5 mins
TrailheadImprove Customer Retention with Lead Nurturing5 mins
TrailheadPlan and Prepare for Your Lead Nurturing Campaign20 mins
TrailheadBuild Your Audience for Your Lead Nurturing Campaign15 mins
TrailheadDefine Lead Generation10 mins
Pardot TrainingHow to Grow Your Business with Lead Generation25 mins
On-Demand WebinarEmail Nurtures That Will Turn Leads into Revenue30 mins


GDPR & Data Privacy
TypeNameEst. Time
TrailheadGet to Know EU Privacy Law15 mins
TrailheadLearn Key Principles of the GDPR15 mins
TrailheadImplement a GDPR Compliance Program15 mins
DocumentationTrust and Compliance Documentation15 mins
TrailheadGet to Know US Privacy Law15 mins
TrailheadLearn About State Laws Protecting Privacy Rights15 mins
TrailheadGet to Know the CCPA15 mins
TrailheadLearn Key Requirements of the CCPA15 mins
TrailheadImplement CCPA Compliance in Your Organization10 mins
Blog PostPardot Security and Privacy: Our Commitments to You3 mins





TypeNameEst. Time
TrailheadLearn Pardot Administration Basics20 mins
TrailheadIntegrate Pardot with Salesforce10 mins
TrailheadConfigure Pardot for the Salesforce-Pardot Connector10 mins
Pardot TrainingProspect Database Cleaning Guide: Build and Maintain a Healthy, Engaged, Prospect Database 30 mins
Help DocsEmail Sending Reputation and Deliverability10 mins
TrailheadSandboxes for Pardot: Quick Look5 mins
TrailheadGet to Know the Datorama Platform25 mins
Blog PostPardot’s New AI Feature Can Help You Boost Email Engagement2 mins
Blog PostHow AI Marketing Rallies Teams Around the Right Accounts: A Hands-On Guide to Pardot Einstein5 mins
Blog PostPredict Buying Intent with Pardot Einstein Behavior Score4 mins
Blog PostHow to Build Sales Cloud Task Queues to Manage Timely Sales Follow-ups3 mins
Blog PostThe Anatomy of a Successful Sales Follow-Up3 mins
VideoPassing Drivers Ed – How To Avoid A Crash As A First Time Pardot Admin30 mins
VideoSyncing Salesforce Custom Objects with Pardot30 mins


Other Topics to Explore
TypeNameEst. Time
TrailheadGet started with Einstein for Pardot Lightning App10 mins
TrailheadExplore Einstein Features for Pardot10 mins
TrailheadGet Started with Salesforce Engage10 mins
TrailheadExplore Salesforce Engage Features10 mins