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Using Engagement Studio Programs for Lead Assignment

To facilitate the push of a prospect into Salesforce from Account Engagement (AE), the prospect must be assigned and this assignment can be done in several ways. 
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How to generate content with Einstein Assistant in Pardot

In this session Zoe Fischer, a Principal Marketing Automation Consultant with Nebula Consulting in London talks about the newest generative AI features available in Account Engagement (Pardot)
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Increase productivity with Sales Engagement Basic

Are you getting the most out of your Sales Cloud Enterprise licences? The chances are there are features that are included in what you are already paying for but need to be made aware of, including Sales Engagement Basic.
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Account Engagement’s Email Builder – New Email Experience

If you use Account Engagement’s Lightning Email Builder, you probably noticed a new option. 
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How to work with Person Accounts in Pardot

In this live workshop we you learn about how Person Accounts work in Account Engagement.
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How to build advanced segmentation lists in Pardot

Being able to build lists is a critical skill for any email marketer.  In this live workshop I walk through more advanced list segmentation capabilities that are available in most Account Engagement (Pardot) orgs. [embedded content] I'm a Salesforce MVP, 3x Salesforce Marketing Champion and leader of the Tampa B2B Marketers Community Group for Pardot. I am a recipient of…
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How to prevent Pardot form handlers from clearing existing Prospect values

A lot of companies choose to use form handlers in Account Engagement (Pardot) instead of Account Engagement Forms.
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Dynamic Content vs Snippets in Account Engagement

With all the new changes, upcoming features and new products it can sometimes get a little confusing or overwhelming.
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How to report on first and most recent Pardot form completed in Salesforce

It’s easy to see in Salesforce when you need to know what Lead/Contact/Person Account’s first form completion was in Account Engagement (Pardot), and the date of that completion.
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Use AI to Generate Content in Account Engagement

In the Spring’24 release, Advanced and Premium Account Engagement customers were given the gift of generative AI in the form of Einstein Assistant. 
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6 Benefits of Account Engagement’s Integration into Salesforce

Companies must consider many factors when choosing a new marketing automation platform. One crucial consideration is integration with the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Because marketing and sales are closely intertwined, companies need seamless dataflow.
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How to build a Salesforce report on Pardot prospects who completed a form

Do you need to create a report in Salesforce of Account Engagement (Pardot) Prospects who completed a form?
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How to build promo and referral code campaigns in Account Engagement (Pardot)

In this session, Mark Somers returns to share how to leverage custom objects and flow to automate Promotional or Referral codes in your Salesforce org. This allows you to create Custom Welcome Emails in Pardot, apply discounts, set Lead Sources, and more all through Salesforce Records, no code or metadata updates required! Promo Codes / Referral Codes explained (with sample…
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Enabling Marketing Cloud Growth: First Impressions

Marketing Cloud Growth is the new product from Salesforce that’s causing quite a stir. With two established marketing automation platforms already, why has Salesforce released yet another?!
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How to report on post-Pardot campaign sales activities in Salesforce

Being able to report when a campaign member from a form completion in Account Engagement (Pardot) becomes related to an opportunity is important.But it’s not everything!It’s also important to know when that Lead or Contact who joined that campaign, then has post-campaign sales activities (call, email, meeting).Here’s how you can do that in Salesforce. Step 1: Create a Custom Report…
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