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MCAE (Pardot) Email Builder Image Dimensions

When using the new Email Builder, you may struggle to find the correct image size for different column widths. Often, it’s a trial-by-error game. Does this look familiar? (See how the image needs resizing for smaller columns.) Here is a handy guide. It shows you the approximate Email Builder image dimensions for different column widths. You can print, cut, and…
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You Bought Pardot, Now What?

A number of years ago I received a call from a large enterprise asking me if we could assist them with implementing their marketing automation platform? Before we got into the specifics of what they needed I asked her this question, “what do you plan to do with your system?”  There was an awkward silence and she then replied, “what…
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Salesforce Campaign Flows

Create Campaign Member Statuses Automatically with Salesforce Flow

Share this article...Salesforce campaign member statuses are hugely important but are often overlooked, or not used properly. The breakdown of which prospects are interacting, and when, will give you insight into how your campaigns are performing. Pardot (oops, I mean Marketing Cloud Account Engagement) can update Salesforce campaign member status based on a prospect’s engagement with each asset/campaign by using…
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Pardot Completion Actions

Top Summer ‘22 Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) Updates

Share this article...It’s been a wild season with multiple updates sprinkled in between the releases – namely Pardot rebranded to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, the security update, and the ever-changing privacy landscape – you may be relieved to hear that the Summer ‘22 release is relatively light on Pardot updates. We could call this the “release of the completion…
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Demand Generation vs. ABM

  In 2014, I was a speaker at an ITSMA event in California and it was the first time I had been to a B2B marketing event where Account Based Marketing (ABM) was the focus of the event. At the time, Jon Miller had just started Engagio and Terminus was in its infancy stages. For many of the attendees, this…
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Pardot Custom Field Mapping with Salesforce: The API Field Name Trap

Share this article...Pardot custom field mapping is more challenging than you may think. In Pardot, you have the Prospect object – in Salesforce, however, there are more objects at play. Salesforce Leads and Contacts are separate records that represent the same person – in Pardot, these “people” records are combined under one umbrella (“Prospects”). Someone can either be a Lead…
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Dynamic Lists to Clean Up Your Database

Lara Black inspired and contributed to this blog. Are you trying to keep your mailable limit down?   Marketers often find themselves creeping close to their mailable limit and either have to clean out the MCAE (Pardot) database or pay up.   Go to Pardot Settings > Account Settings > Usage and limits to see where you stand. Look at your current…
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How to Clear a Dedupliction Error from the Sync Queue (and stop it from happening)

The Pardot-Salesforce Connector Sync Queue is one of those things that a good admin knows to check regularly, and one of those things that, maddeningly, has no way of sending you a proactive alert that there's something "stuck" in it. One of the most common reasons that something gets stuck is that the Salesforce duplication rules are in place and…
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Twin Cities Pardot User Group Meeting: Exploring Salesforce Engage

On April 13th the Twin Cities Pardot Community Group hosted a meeting about Salesforce Engage. The meeting was hosted by Jen Kazin, who administers the group and owns Greenkey Digital, a marketing automation agency focused on Salesforce Pardot. Jen was joined by Rahmaan Lodhia, a Senior Product Manager at Salesforce. Watch the entire presentation and session below: I'm a Pardot…
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Salesforce Campaigns

7 Tips for Working With Salesforce Campaign Member Status

Share this article...All Campaign Members in Salesforce have a “status” which describes the level of engagement the individual has had with the Campaign. Campaign Member Status examples include “Sent”, “Responded”, and any other statuses you wish to add to suit your marketing campaign. Campaign Member is an object in Salesforce. When a Lead, Contact, or Person Account is added to…
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Pardot Security Update: Content Using

Share this article...Effective April 22 2022, Pardot (Account Engagement) will be rolling out a security enhancement to protect customer data. Certain types of forms have the potential to stop functioning– emphasis added for a reason. The roll-out will impact Pardot customers who are using the default domain for their marketing assets. The alternative (now imperative) method is to set…
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Salesforce and Pardot Naming Conventions Best Practices

When your organization is implementing systems like Salesforce and Pardot, they are likely focused on the automation features that will soon be making their jobs much easier. When thinking about strategy, it’s important to think about all the assets you’ll need to create and map out the logic and operation of those assets once they are put in place. While…
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Introducing Marketing Cloud Account Engagement – the new name for Pardot

Salesforce has announced that Pardot, alongside all other Marketing Cloud products, will be getting a new name. This is part of a drive to unite the marketing offering under one Salesforce for Marketing suite. Under this more closely aligned setup, Pardot is now known as Marketing Cloud Account Engagement. Or MC Account Engagement for short! More information on the impact…
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Salesforce Renames 6 Marketing Cloud Products

Share this article...Marketing Cloud is a market leader in marketing technology. Over years of innovation and acquisition, it has become incredibly comprehensive – at the time of writing, a quick count up gives 20 modules, give or take. One acquisition after another has worked wonders to deliver what Salesforce customers should expect from a “marketing” cloud (i.e. the technologies, the…
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Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Pardot Renamed “Marketing Cloud Account Engagement”

Share this article...Announced at Salesforce World Tour Sydney, a number of Marketing Cloud product names are changing. Pardot, one of Salesforce’s marketing automation tools, will be renamed to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement. Here are the reasons driving these changes, and what this will mean to the Pardot community. Why is Pardot’s Name Changing? This move is one part of an…
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