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Our Giving Tuesday Checklist

We know there’s a lot of content floating around this time of year about how to best structure your Giving Tuesday campaigns. To cut through the noise, we want to provide you with a last-minute, actionable checklist from our consultant team.
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Building a Cross-team ABM Engine with Pardot and Salesforce

Earlier this month the Boston Salesforce Marketer Group (Pardot) held a virtual panel discussion on the topic of building cross-team Account-Based Marketing machine in Pardot/Account Engagement and Salesforce.
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Understanding Engagement History

If you’re looking for better marketing reports and metrics (I know you all are), make sure you understand the different ways to use Salesforce and Pardot’s Engagement History.
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How to: inject company logos into Pardot Landing Pages dynamically

If you’re in Marketing Operations then there’s a good chance you’ve come across Clearbit one time or another.
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Active Pardot & Marketing Cloud Community Groups in the US and Canada (November 2022)

The Salesforce Trailblazer Ecosystem is one that must be seen and experienced to truly understand and appreciate. You’ve probably heard of Dreamforce, and possibly the mini-Dreamforce events called World Tour. Looking beyond that, there is a vibrant ecosystem of small communities across the United States and Canada that focus entirely on Pardot / Account Engagement and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Here’s…
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How to: Update a Link in an Email after it’s sent out of Pardot

Here’s a short video I did recently for the BDO Digital Demand Gen TV YouTube channel about the power of Tracking Links in Pardot
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Tracker Domain Pardot

Pardot Technical Setup Steps – and Why They’re Important

Technical setup is the foundation of any Pardot implementation. From website tracking code, first-party tracking, tracker domains, email authentication, IP whitelisting, to enabling the Pardot Lightning app – these steps are important, or you risk having problems coming back to bite you in the future!s.
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Guide to B2B Marketing Analytics (B2BMA)

B2B Marketing Analytics is the Salesforce CRM Analytics app built for the B2B marketer. In short, get up-and-running with analytics for Pardot faster. Salesforce CRM Analytics is the main analytics add-on for Salesforce, extending functionality beyond Salesforce reports (B2BMA is one part of the full CRM Analytics offering). Although B2BMA involves a steep learning curve, it opens up valuable insights…
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Don’t Forget the “Do Not Email” Field

Do you use the Do Not Email field?Most marketers overlook it or misuse it. Account Engagement (Pardot) mailability features updated in the summer of 2021. With it, Salesforce proposed a new way to manage prospects. Understand the difference Pardot offers two fields to prevent prospects from getting emails. Do Not Email – Marketers can mark prospects as Do Not Email…
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What are Pardot Tags? (+ 11 Ways to Tag in Pardot)

Share this article... Pardot Tags are a quick way to stick a label on to any record (prospect, account) or asset (email, form, landing page) for segmentation, organization and identification benefits. Pardot Tags offer more flexibility than creating custom fields or battling with folders – an underrated feature! The reality is that Tags are sometimes used in a quick and…
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Pardot 2023 State of Marketing

10 Salesforce Marketing Trends for 2023

Marketers universally are being challenged to do more with less. With a looming economic downturn, the stakes are higher than ever – it’s a common thought that marketing is the first function to be slashed in a recession.
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Test Your Knowledge: Reporting and Analytics in Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Reporting and analytics is a core part of marketing automation – after all, how else are you able to keep a pulse on the impact of your marketing activities, and switch gears if you’re not resonating with prospects?
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Connected Campaigns Salesforce and Pardot

Pardot (Account Engagement) Connected Campaigns: Set Up Steps + Tips

Salesforce Connected Campaigns enable you to connect Pardot Campaigns and Salesforce Campaigns. If you didn’t know there was a difference, don’t worry. Pardot Campaigns used to be separate from Salesforce Campaigns (we provide a quick comparison later in this guide). As prospects interact with your marketing assets, Connected Campaigns push engagement metrics through to Salesforce.
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Pardot Double Opt-in

Building Double Opt-In With Pardot (Account Engagement)

Double opt-in, also known as ‘confirmed opt-in’ is how a new subscriber confirms that, a) they were the person who signed up, using their details, and b) they actually want to receive your communication. Too many people sign up to something on a whim, then forget they had. The worst case result? Disengaged prospects, with the potential to report you…
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Pardot Admin

10 Spooky Things Creeping Around Pardot (Account Engagement)

Every professional working with Pardot (Account Engagement) and Salesforce has experienced org terrors. Whether unexpected issues that sneak up on you or malpractice that has gone unnoticed for too long, it can cause a huge scare. Just like a horror film these are issues that will creep up, and there needs to be heroic action to resolve them. From ghosts…
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