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How to build scoring and grading in Account Engagement (Pardot)

The ability to natively build scoring and grading on leads is one of the functions of Account Engagement (Pardot) that sets it apart from other marketing automation tools.
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Make this 30 Second Update in your Account Engagement Account Right Now

There's a fairly recent update to Account Engagement that everyone should enable in their accounts right away, it only takes a few moments but it provides peace of mind and security that matters now more than ever. The setting restricts iframing of your Account Engagement assets to only the domains you specify. This help article explains it in depth but…
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How to see if your Pardot tracking code is not setting cookies

Before you create another form in Account Engagement (FKA Pardot), do yourself a favor.
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Why the Pardot email preference center is so important

I had a philosophical conversation with Peter Sabba about the utility of email preference centers and their value as a whole to email marketing.
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What You Should Know About Repeatable Engagement Programs

An Engagement Studio program is a powerful tool that can help automate your marketing in Account Engagement. These programs can be used for many cases but be cautious before you start building yours. 
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Don’t use Custom Redirects in Pardot for Google Ads tracking

Using Custom Redirects in Account Engagement (Pardot) for tracking Google Ads clicks produces unreliable data. What you see in MCAE will never match what you see in Google Ads.
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How to get around the Conditional Completion Action Limitations in Account Engagement

If you've been working with Conditional Completion actions in Account Engagement for a while (here's my overview if you'd like my take on it) you may have run into one of it's downsides: there's a hard limit on the number of things you can put in completion actions now. That hard limit is what I call the 1/6/16 rule. ing…
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Account Engagement (Pardot) Advanced Email Analytics

Advanced Email Analytics is an insightful tool for any Account Engagement user.  But let’s be honest. In our modern marketing world, where you can’t count opens and are unsure of clicks, the value of Advanced Email Analytics has dropped a notch. Nonetheless, marketers often find themselves reviewing the analytic results of important emails. 
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New Gmail and Yahoo Protections and What to Do in Account Engagement

Google and Yahoo made joint announcements in October 2023 that will affect all email marketers worldwide. Just when you think you have email figured out, it changes.
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Prepare for 2024 Changes for Email Senders

Google & Yahoo are releasing changes for email senders to reduce spam emails for their users. However, this could mean that your domain could be flagged as spam if you do not prepare. If you are a Marketing Cloud user (Account Engagement or Engagement) and you are concerned about how this might affect you, you’re not alone! This blog aims…
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Marketing Automation books

Unlocking Success: A Guide to the Best Marketing Automation Books

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for success. Marketing automation has emerged as a powerful tool for businesses to streamline their processes, enhance customer engagement, and drive revenue.
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Lead conversion and opportunity tracking reports in Salesforce

With proper data set up, Salesforce marketing reports can help marketers using Account Engagement (Fka Pardot) demonstrate their contributions to the organization’s bottom line and impact on sales and revenue generation.
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At Last, You Can Now Set Engagement Studio Wait Times in Hours

The wait is over! A highly requested feature update to Engagement Studio allowing users to be more precise with wait times has finally arrived in the Winter ‘24 update for Account Engagement (fka Pardot) users. 
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Glossary of Salesforce Product Name Changes

In the ever-changing world of Salesforce (and enterprise technology), product capabilities evolve and adapt – and in the case of Salesforce’s product portfolio, so do their products’ names! Due to the changes Salesforce have made, and in case you come across a retired name, we thought we would create this ‘formerly known as’ guide of names. But first, let’s take…
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Adding Public Folder to Lightning Email Builder

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