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What Does a Salesforce Solution Architect Do – And How Do You Become One?

Salesforce Solution Architects are responsible for designing quality, scalable, and performant solutions inside Salesforce, ensuring it all fits together into a coherent and…
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Salesforce Consultant

How to Become a Salesforce Consultant – The Next Step in Your Career Path

Salesforce Consultants implement and optimize Salesforce products in an effective and scalable way that is in line with their clients’ requirements. With a…
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Pardot Careers

Do You Want to Become a Salesforce Marketing Champion?

The Salesforce ecosystem is more than just a tech sub-industry, it’s a thriving community that encourages product evangelism by rewarding individual Trailblazers for…
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Tackling Loneliness in the Remote World of Work

Working remotely can be a lonely business at times. As opposed to its contented siblings, solitary and independent, this word gives off all…
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Pardot Marketing Ops

6 School Skills To Reapply as a Salesforce Marketer

Did you ever think you would build a career in marketing technology? Hands up 🙋‍♀️🙋🙌 I definitely didn’t – and I have a…
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Pardot MCAE

5 Important Salesforce Job Trends for 2023

As we start a new year in the world of Salesforce, it’s time to reflect, take stock of what’s currently happening, and look…
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Pardot Salary

Pardot (Account Engagement) Roles and Responsibilities

Pardot specialists plan, build, and analyze marketing campaigns using Pardot (Account Engagement) and Salesforce. They engage prospects with laser-focused marketing, maintain a healthy…
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​40 Pardot Interview Questions & Answers

Share this article...The demand for Pardot expertise continues to grow, helped by the Salesforce economy’s overall growth. With Pardot becoming ever more closely…
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Pardot Email Marketing Interview Questions

40 Email Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

Share this article...Email marketing has stood the test of time, still effective decades after its conception. The challenges impacting email marketing performance are…
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Pardot Consultant

How to Become a Pardot Consultant

Share this article...Becoming a Pardot Consultant is a rewarding career move that many in the Salesforce ecosystem make. A Pardot Consultant deals with…
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