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Why Salesforce Accounts Need Contacts (And 6 Ways to Add Them)

Accounts in Salesforce are more important than you may think. An Account record is the cockpit for sales, service, and marketing teams –…
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Winter ’24: Hottest Account Engagement (Pardot) Updates

The Salesforce Winter ‘24 release notes have arrived. As is tradition, I’ll be covering the highlights for Account Engagement (Pardot) admins and users. 
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Top 10 Underutilized Pardot Tools and How to Use Them

Let’s face it: Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) is an advanced-level marketing automation platform. It comes with a powerful API, seamless integration with…
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10 Salesforce Automations to Build for Account Engagement (Pardot)

One of the selling points of Pardot (Account Engagement) is its close connection to Salesforce and the core platform (CRM, etc.). This means…
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