Your First Engagement Studio in 5 Steps

The Engagement Studio Program (ESP) is my all-time favorite application in Account Engagement (probably because it’s the most intuitive)!

Summer ’23 Release – Our Account Engagement Hot Picks

It’s that time again! The Summer ’23 release notes have arrived and our Marketing Cloud team have put together their favourite features. Take a look at what we can’t wait to see in Account Engagement.

Dispatch Day: 10 Checks Before Sending Pardot (Account Engagement) Emails

Dispatch day is the day you press the ‘send’ button and release your email campaign to the world. Whether the email campaign build has been a sprint or a long labor of love, you don’t want to fall down at the last hurdle with these common errors. Under pressure, there…
Stacy O’Leary

Top Use Cases for ChatGPT in the Salesforce Ecosystem 

With so much happening in the world of artificial intelligence (specifically ChatGPT), you’d be forgiven for taking a moment to catch your breath – all of the ‘noise’ can make it difficult to understand what it really means for the Salesforce ecosystem.

How to improve User Experience on Forms

When it comes to forms, a high submission rate is every marketer’s dream. However, quite often we face bad user experience on forms, which can even prevent the submission itself. Lucky for us, there are plenty of ways to make Account Engagement forms more user-friendly – read on for my…

Account Engagement (Pardot) Easter Egg Hunt ’23

Account Engagement (Pardot) gives admins and users plenty of options to tailor their accounts to their own needs, and with the changing landscape in terms of personalization, privacy, and efficiency, more of these features crop up with each new release (and sometimes in between releases!).

5 Marketing Technology Buzzwords: Explained

With each year that passes, the marketing technology world throws more buzzwords for us to absorb. Oftentimes, these terms can be understood theoretically, but hard to implement into our own organizations, practically. 
Pardot ROI Reporting

3 Strategies to Prevent Audience Fatigue and Marketing Saturation

Weeks before his death, Einstein advised, “Try not to be a success, but rather to be of value”. He was obviously referencing the need for present-day marketers to reach desired outcomes through high-value communications with subscribers.
Pardot Sandboxes

Pardot Sandboxes: What They Can, and Can’t Do

In the early days of my consultancy career, I started working on multiple projects that required a fully mirrored production environment, known as a sandbox. However, Pardot Sandboxes are a relatively new feature, and so, the documentation is somewhat lacking. There are definitely some limitations that you need to be…
Salesforce Sales Engagement

Exploring Sales Cloud Features – Upgrade or Add-On?

Salesforce offer different editions of their product which grant access to the specific Salesforce products and features your organization purchases.