Account Engagement Copy Between Business Units- Bulk Asset Copy Flow

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Account Engagement (Pardot) Importing Prospects

Prepare your spreadsheet and save it as a .csv file.  If you are grabbing prospects from Salesforce, ALWAYS include the CRM ID (column A).  You can upload the file or drag it into Account Engagement.

How B2B Marketing Analytics can monitor Pardot database churn

In a previous post I shared a low-fi way to track opt-outs and database churn inside your Account Engagement (Pardot) org.

How to build scoring and grading in Account Engagement (Pardot)

The ability to natively build scoring and grading on leads is one of the functions of Account Engagement (Pardot) that sets it apart from other marketing automation tools.

Make this 30 Second Update in your Account Engagement Account Right Now

There's a fairly recent update to Account Engagement that everyone should enable in their accounts right away, it only takes a few moments but it provides peace of mind and security that matters now more than ever. The setting restricts iframing of your Account Engagement assets to only the domains…

How to build a full-funnel marketing campaign report in Salesforce

When building a campaign cadence in Account Engagement (Pardot), setting up the campaigns correctly in Salesforce is an important step.

How to see if your Pardot tracking code is not setting cookies

Before you create another form in Account Engagement (FKA Pardot), do yourself a favor.

Why the Pardot email preference center is so important

I had a philosophical conversation with Peter Sabba about the utility of email preference centers and their value as a whole to email marketing.

What You Should Know About Repeatable Engagement Programs

An Engagement Studio program is a powerful tool that can help automate your marketing in Account Engagement. These programs can be used for many cases but be cautious before you start building yours. 

Don’t use Custom Redirects in Pardot for Google Ads tracking

Using Custom Redirects in Account Engagement (Pardot) for tracking Google Ads clicks produces unreliable data. What you see in MCAE will never match what you see in Google Ads.