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Org-Wide Email Addresses – What Are They and Why Do I Need Them?

Org-wide email addresses in Salesforce are email addresses that will be used by the Salesforce org to send emails from within Salesforce. They…
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Account Engagement (Pardot) A/B Vs. Multivariate Testing (+ AI)

A/B testing enables you to test one change between two versions of your marketing assets. In the context of Account Engagement (Pardot), A/B…
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Pardot BCC

Salesforce Email Deliverability Tips: BCC Email, SPF, DKIM, DMARC

Do you send automated email alerts, triggered by Flow or Apex, or are you using “send list email”? Could your reps and agents…
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Dispatch Day: 10 Checks Before Sending Pardot (Account Engagement) Emails

Dispatch day is the day you press the ‘send’ button and release your email campaign to the world. Whether the email campaign build…
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Pardot Email Delivery

Domain Health Check for Pardot (Account Engagement) Email Deliverability

The health of your email sending domain is something you should keep an eye on – it’s essential for Pardot email deliverability. Your…
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Pardot Neverbounce

Email Verification Tools for Pardot (Account Engagement)

Email addresses are the lifeblood marketing automation. Invalid, old, or dummy email addresses cause high email bounce rates, which eventually will lead to…
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Pardot Email Deliverability and Compliance: 23 Things You Should Know

Pardot (Account Engagement) offers capabilities that promote data privacy, and compliance – which in turn, improves email deliverability. Email deliverability is a vast…
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Pardot Recency and Frequency

Recency and Frequency: Avoid Email Fatigue With Account Engagement (Pardot)

Recency and frequency are controls you can put in place to start alleviating marketing fatigue with Account Engagement (Pardot).
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How to Protect Your Email Revenue in 2023

The world of email marketing today is being influenced by a number of factors that have cropped up in the past year or…
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Good Pardot Open Rates

Pardot Read Rate: Are Prospects Spending Time on Your Emails?

The most widely used metrics in email reporting are open and click rate – they’re easy to capture, communicate, and demonstrate that your…
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