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4 Operational Use Cases for Engagement Studio in Account Engagement (Pardot)

If you’ve been exploring Account Engagement (formerly Pardot), then you will have come across Engagement Studio – the flagship feature that gives you…
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Pardot Engagement Studio

Automation Rules vs. Engagement Studio Actions in Pardot (Account Engagement)

One challenging topic for newbies to wrap their heads around (especially when migrating from another system), is automation in Pardot (Account Engagement). There…
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My Engagement Studio program grew Fangs!

Have you ever tried to reconnect nodes in...oh this is awkward Account Engagement (f/k/a/ Pardot) Engagement Studio program, and ended up with…
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Your First Engagement Studio in 5 Steps

The Engagement Studio Program (ESP) is my all-time favorite application in Account Engagement (probably because it’s the most intuitive)!
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10 Rules for Pardot Engagement Studio Wait Times

The main aim of Account Engagement (Pardot) Engagement Studio is to set up campaign automation that treats each prospect as an individual.
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Flows vs Engagement Studio: What to use When?

I recently gave a talk to the Philadelphia Trailblazer marketing user group, discussing how to think about and apply the two multi-step automation…
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Engagement history

Engagement Metrics Component: See Pardot Campaign Performance [Tutorial]

The Engagement Metrics component in Salesforce displays marketing asset performance, directly within Salesforce Campaigns. Thanks to Connected Campaigns, you can sync all activities…
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Why You Need to Stop Using Completion Actions on Custom Redirects

Form-free event registrations, double opt-in processes, ad click tracking… there are many use cases for adding Completion Actions on Custom Redirects. But in…
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Crafting Engaging On-Boarding Experiences

You’ve purchased Pardot.  You’ve sent your first list emails.  You’ve discovered automation rules and completion actions.  But now let’s take your Pardot investment…
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How to stop prospects from joining a Pardot Engagement Studio

You have an Engagement Studio that has run its course. There are prospects in process who have not completed the drip campaign. You’d…
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