How to Use Dynamic Content to Target Key Accounts

Pardot Dynamic Content

Capture the Data You Need to Personalize Interactions

You can use lead capture forms to ask questions and build a deeper understanding of your target accounts. This information can help you create personalized journeys based on the interests and behaviors of your buyers.

Ideas of data to capture indcludes:

  • Industry
  • Pain points
  • Job title
  • Area of interest or product interest
  • Region
  • Company size

Put Your Data to Use

Once you have the right data use it to create personalized, “Amazon-like” engagements for your top accounts. Start by segmenting your audience based on their persona. Then create content for each subset based on what matters most to them.

Personalize Email Content

Ensure your top accounts always see content, images, and CTAs that appeal to them by creating email templates with dynamic sections that change based on the account receiving the email. Your emails can truly drive personalized engagement at scale.

Ideas for Email Personalization:

  • Targeted Sales Outreach. Drive higher engagement by creating a sales outreach email with personalized callouts to account-relevant content.
  • Regional Event Invitations. See higher participation with less work by sending personalized event emails that adjust based on the location and interests of recipients.
  • “Next Best Action” Global Footer. Include personalized “next best action” offers in every email you send. These offers are refreshed based on the recipient’s previous actions, ensuring your audience always has something new and compelling to explore.

Create a Personalized Web Experience

You can also use dynamic content to create a living, breathing website experience for every account. Use it to personalize interactions across your site so visitors always see content relevant to them.

Ideas for web personalization:

  • Industry Specific. Capture and use industry data to personalize CTAs across your website and to showcase industry-specific content most relevant to target users.
  • Customers vs. Prospects. Customize CTAs for target accounts that aren’t yet customers. These can point to demo videos or case studies, while existing customers may benefit more from additional product or service recommendations.
  • Regional CTAs. Accounts from different regions will have different opportunities to engage with your company. For example, you can recommend events or webinars to them based on their region and time zone.

Trailblazer Spotlight: How SilverChef Transformed Their Website Experience with ABM

SilverChef provides equipment finance to hospitality businesses in Australia, New Zealand, the U.S., and Canada. While their core customer is an independent start-up café or restaurant, a key growth channel for them are large franchise groups. When it comes to their account-based marketing strategy to target these accounts, their website plays a key role.

Typically, the SilverChef website only has one page dedicated to franchise businesses. However, if they know their website visitor is a franchise prospect, the franchise product becomes front-and-center, almost as if it were their core product. All of this is done through the use of dynamic content.

The SilverChef team takes it a step further by tailoring their website content to the type of franchise. If it’s a Subway franchise prospect, they showcase the cost to finance sandwich prep equipment and display cabinets. If it’s a prospect from Baskin-Robbins, their website transforms to display the cost to finance refrigeration equipment.

SilverChef is also beginning to test Salesforce’s sales productivity platform, Salesforce Engage, which is quickly becoming an effective initiative within their ABM-strategy.

“What I’m most excited about is real-time alerts,” says Jamie McCalman, Global Marketing Manager at SilverChef. “For example, if a known franchise prospect is interacting with our interactive finance calculator, why wait for a lead? We can send an alert to the franchise sales team and have them take action right away.”

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