Spring ‘21 Release Feature Highlight: Accounts as Campaign Members (Beta)

You ask, they answer. As a part of this year’s Spring ‘21 Pardot release, you can now track Accounts as Campaign Members to support your account based marketing efforts. This is a Beta feature that is available to all Pardot editions using the Salesforce-Pardot connector. It is a feature that has been requested on the IdeaExchange in the past and is now one at the fingertips of trailblazers. How do you enable it and what is available to you after setup? I took a step-by-step peek to see the effects for myself.

Why Track Accounts as Campaign Members

As a part of an account based marketing approach it is essential to have a quick view of the accounts that are engaging with your marketing efforts. When deciding on which accounts to target first, Kathryn Ryan, Senior Solution Engineer at Salesforce, shared on the Pardot Life Hacks podcast, that once a segment is established to go after, it is important to see which accounts are already engaged with your brand and which accounts could use a little warming up to segment the audience for different campaigns.

Tracking Accounts as Campaign Members empowers marketers to see which accounts are interacting with their current efforts. They can answer questions such as, which of our target accounts, that are current customers, are the most heavily engaged? Which net new accounts in our pipeline are attending our webinars or consuming our content? Is there an account in our pipeline that has not engaged with any of our marketing materials?

The following posts on the IdeaExchange shared that the feature would be useful for when Contacts leave an organization for sending communication to the company as a whole rather than just an individual. At times if your business sends communication to your customers as a collective account rather than an individual, this would be helpful for when the Point of Contact leaves. The Account would still be able to receive the communication without a gap.

Accounts as Campaign Members post on the IdeaExchange

Include Accounts as Campaign Members post on the IdeaExchange

In B2B, we are still marketing to individuals at the companies we engage with, so too much emphasis being placed on engagement at the account level could take away from this, but as previously stated, it is extremely valuable from a reporting standpoint for understanding which campaigns are resonating the most with your target accounts as an ABM initiative.

The Setup

With Salesforce Administrator access, navigate to Setup, under Marketing you will see “Accounts as Campaign Members”, select Enable, and click Save. The nice part about this is that once you enable the feature, to start, it does not change any association of your current campaign members in regards to Leads or Contacts. All of that data will remain the same, in case there was any concern of how current reporting might be affected.

Enable Accounts as Campaign Members

A part of this enablement will allow your team to view Campaign History and Campaigns on an Account record, but first they must be added to the Account Page Layout under Related Lists.

Account Page Layout Related Lists

Working with Accounts as Campaign Members

Once setup is complete, the team will notice some new features. On a Campaign under Campaign Members, in addition to being able to Add Leads or Contacts, marketers can Add Accounts.

Add Accounts as Campaign Members

Once the Account is selected, the marketer can choose which status they would like to associate for this account. At this time, if the the other campaign member statuses should be updated as well, there is the option to overwrite current member statuses or keep them the same. After clicking Submit, the selected Account will appear just as any other campaign member with the associated selected status.

Updating Campaign Member Statuses

Cheshire Impact Account as a Campaign Member

You will also see the new report type called Campaigns with Accounts. This report will display any Accounts that have been added to a Campaign as a Campaign Member. When this feature is first enabled, Accounts are not automatically added as campaign members, this has to be done manually. Therefore if the team tries to run a report to see this data and no accounts have been added as campaign members, then the report is not going to show any data.

Campaigns with Accounts Report Type

Testing This Feature

If your organization is using the Salesforce-Pardot connector, this Beta feature is now available to you to test. Get with your team and discuss the use cases. How can you leverage the data for your account based marketing approach? After enablement, what are the new insights that you see?

After trying out the feature, Salesforce is asking for feedback on it. Testers can go to the Accounts on Campaigns Beta Feedback chatter group and share their experience and what they might like to see in the future.

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