Updating a Header Image with Pardot Made Easy

Have you ever wanted a seamless way to update the header image on a landing page template in Pardot without having to deal with coding? The CSS is already standardized, but your team just needs an easy way to update the header image, so that it automatically adheres to the current styling in place. Jimmy Thavongsa, Senior Front End Developer at Cheshire Impact, has found a way.

Coding Behind the Scenes

Jimmy first put the header image of the landing page into an HTML class, so that he could use the attribute to access it via JavaScript to manipulate the element when the image is updated. By then targeting the image source URL, he injected it back into the header with JavaScript to create a piggy back effect.

Meanwhile, an interval update was set up in the background to check the header image code for any changes every millisecond, so that everything could be updated once a new image is selected.

Updating the Header Image with Pardot

For marketers to have an easy user interface that they were familiar with, Jimmy used the Pardot dialogue box, similar to the one from the Legacy Email Builder. From this box, users can update the image by uploading it from their device, selecting it from their library, or sharing the source URL.

Updating the Header Image with Pardot Made Easy

As the code is already in place, once a new image is selected, it will automatically take on the styling of the CSS that has been standardized for that particular template. Transforming a task that may have been previously daunting, into a change that can be executed in seconds.

Updated Header Image

Innovation like this can be monumental for marketing teams. It makes updating assets in Pardot more scalable and allows for more members on the team, not just the ones with coding experience, to make quick changes so that time is maximized and operational costs are reduced. What is a task that has typically been a headache for your team? How could it be streamlined, so that your team can focus on driving results for the business?

You never know what is possible until someone is able to take a step back, consider a solution, and tinker with their proposed idea to see what happens. This can be a positive effect of working with a resource outside of the organization, because they are able to bring in such specialized expertise and ideas that have come from their experience of working with other businesses.

What other tasks such as updating the header image on a Pardot landing page can be made easy with a little time? Connect with your team and start brainstorming!

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