Zoom Pardot Integration After SSO

In a previous article I shared about the easy integration between Pardot and Zoom webinar, so that teams can seamlessly capture registrant, attendee, and absentee data from their virtual events right in their Pardot org. However, on February 15, 2021 Salesforce Pardot made the update having all users commit to single sign-on which affected their integrations too. If you made the update to configure your Zoom Pardot integration via SSO, you found that the easy list integration for webinars no longer works.

Zoom developers have updated their Pardot App, so that bugs are fixed and the integration can continue once the app is reconfigured by your Zoom administrator. Here is how it is done.

Reinstall the Pardot by Zoom App

If your Zoom administrator did not already receive an email about this, they can go to the Zoom App Marketplace for the Pardot App. They should see a blue button that says “Reinstall”, if they do not see this button, click on the Manage tab and scroll down to the button that says uninstall.

Manage Tab on the Pardot App in the Zoom App Marketplace

Uninstall Pardot App in the Zoom App Marketplace

Once the administrator has received a confirmation email that the app is uninstalled, have them reinstall the app, from the Zoom App Marketplace. Once the app reinstalls, it will then be time to sync it with Pardot.

Zoom Pardot Integration

During this configuration the Zoom administrator will have two choices, configure the integration via Salesforce SSO or via the Pardot Account. The updated App is still not working via Salesforce SSO. When configured this way, marketers will create their webinar lists in Pardot and try to pull them up in Zoom, but will see “No Data.” In order for this to work, the configuration needs to be done via the Pardot account.

The Pardot account configuration is integrated via a Pardot user. You have two choices here, you can create a user just for Zoom and sync them to Salesforce via SSO with an identity license, so that even if someone leaves the company you will still have the integration, or the other option is to use one of your accounts that already exists.

Once the decision has been made, the Zoom administrator can insert the Pardot credentials, email, password, and API user key and can click Save. There will then be a green banner that comes across the screen confirming, Pardot settings saved.

Pardot Account Credentials in the Pardot App for Zoom Configuration Window

Once this has been completed, the marketer with Zoom webinar access will be able to then pull in their lists from Pardot to configure the integration and capture Zoom webinar data in their Pardot instance.

Configure Zoom webinar via Pardot lists

Until the Pardot App in the Zoom Marketplace has been updated for their integration to work via Salesforce SSO, the integration will still need to be configured via the Pardot account in order for Zoom webinar data to be configured with Pardot via lists.

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