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Top 11 Dreamforce ‘23 Keynote Announcements

Salesforce’s flagship conference, Dreamforce, is taking place this week (September 12-14, 2023). This year, it comes with impressive statistics, being the largest AI event in the world, with 1500+ sessions, 40,000 attending in-person, and millions of viewers online.
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Marketing Cloud & Commerce Cloud On Data Cloud – New Generative AI Capabilities

Data Cloud is the fastest growing organically built product in Salesforce’s history (i.e. Salesforce built it themselves, not via acquisitions). It is the foundation that speeds up the connectivity between different ‘clouds’ across the platform, and will now be available for free (up to 10,000 unified profiles). 
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How to create multi-language forms in Pardot

Handling multiple languages with Account Engagement (Pardot) forms has always been complex — especially when it comes to reporting. But there is a way to multi-language Account Engagement forms. The traditional solution — one form per language — has its drawbacks. But it’s something that’s super important for companies that use Account Engagement on a global scale to do in…
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How to Handle Organizational Politics as a Marketing Team

Traditionally, the marketing team was considered a ‘cost center’ to an organization, and positioned in complete service to the whims of every other business function – they say: “jump”, and the marketing department was expected to say “how high?”. Even as a teenager, I took up placements in marketing departments as work experience, only to find ‘demand experience’ from other…
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Avoid These 6 Email Marketing Mistakes to Maximise Long Term Success

In today’s digital era, email marketing remains a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their audience, drive engagement, and ultimately boost conversions. Whilst the potential benefits are immense, navigating the landscape of email marketing requires finesse, attention to detail and evaluation over time.
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Key Strategies to Optimize Your Return on Investment at Trade Shows

You have the opportunity to amplify the efficacy of your event, whether as a trade show sponsor or as an attendee, by incorporating a few essential best practices. During an executive session at Dreamforce, a survey revealed that fewer than 20% of CEOs reported achieving a return on investment (ROI) as booth sponsors, with attendees encountering similar outcomes.  Company leaders…
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3 Ways to Create Dummy Data in Salesforce

Have you ever created a new Developer org, or spun up a new Sandbox, only to realize that you’re going to need a lot of data to test out some functionality?
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The difference between List Email and List Email

Salesforce has been on a renaming tear lately. Lots of products, especially in the marketing space, have been renamed. This hasn't always resulted in more clarity. Pardot is now Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, while Marketing Cloud Messaging/Journeys is now Marketing Cloud Engagement. Some of the larger renamings have gotten a lot of attention.One subtle one that you may have missed…
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Insights Into Salesforce’s Shifting Product Strategy

Posted on August 28, 2023 in Admins  After following a consistent product strategy for many years, Salesforce’s approach to its product portfolio has pivoted regularly due to the global pandemic and rapidly changing customer demands. It can be easy to get lost in the noise of forward-looking announcements and the renaming of products, so let’s take a closer look at…
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How to customize B2BMA Dashboards for Marketing Attribution

In this session we are joined by Alia Lupandina, who is a Marketing Automation Consultant with redk, a digital consultancy focused on CRM and CX transformation.e all)
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Uncovering Actionable Insights for Data-Driven Decision Making

No matter which way you slice it, data has become the digital currency of informed decision-making. Salesforce Analytics offers a treasure trove of insights just waiting to be harnessed, but navigating this sea of information can be overwhelming. Thank you for using You are being redirected to the article now Opening article in Get RSS Feed From Almost Any…
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Why Salesforce Accounts Need Contacts (And 6 Ways to Add Them)

Accounts in Salesforce are more important than you may think. An Account record is the cockpit for sales, service, and marketing teams – it builds a rich profile of your customers’ sales opportunities, open and closed cases, overall engagement with your brand, and much more. 
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Winter ’24: Hottest Account Engagement (Pardot) Updates

The Salesforce Winter ‘24 release notes have arrived. As is tradition, I’ll be covering the highlights for Account Engagement (Pardot) admins and users. 
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How to integrate Pardot with Google Analytics (G4) to track engagement

During this meeting of the Tampa Salesforce B2B Marketer Group , we were joined by Sabuhi Yahyayev, Practice Lead for Marketing Automation with CloudKettle. 
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How Marketing Data Sharing works in Pardot with new Leads and Contacts

Marketing Data Sharing in Account Engagement (Pardot) is confusing.
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