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Simplify Your Campaign Structure With 6 Easy-Peasy Steps

A big step toward better marketing reporting is using campaigns. For marketers, campaigns are the foundation of measuring the effectiveness of their team’s activities.
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15 Salesforce Facts You Never Knew

The world of Salesforce is certainly vast, with new updates and enhancements happening all the time. The chances are that you can learn new things about it every day, no matter which area you work in. Ever since philanthropic founder, Marc Benioff, started the business in 1999, Salesforce has been breaking boundaries in the CRM world to transform sales, marketing,…
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Pardot Marketing Ops

How to Interview Stakeholders (+ Translate Into Salesforce Marketing Ops)

Pardot Marketing Operations: How often do you check-in with your stakeholders? As marketers, our stakeholders are both internal and external to our organization: you’re taking what prospects/customers need at every stage of the customer journey, while simultaneously supporting multiple teams across the organization – namely sales, but also service, customer success, and others.
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Pardot MQL and SQL Reporting

Customizable MQL Reporting (Beyond the Pardot Lifecycle Report)

Lifecycle reporting is fundamental to Marketing Ops. Knowing how many marketing qualified leads (MQL) and sales qualified leads (SQL) you have captured in a specific period of time are KPIs that improve sales and marketing alignment and demonstrate shared success.
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Pardot Accredited Professionals

Salesforce Accredited Professional Pathways

Nearly two years have passed since Salesforce announced the Accredited Professional program. These credentials are designed to prove your extensive knowledge in a specific area of the Salesforce platform, and are exclusively available for Salesforce partners. There are close to 40 Salesforce accreditations. Salesforce accredited professionals span platform, sales, service, commerce, industries, and marketing.
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Pardot Training

How to Teach Pardot (Account Engagement) in One Day – Train New Users Faster

So you’ve implemented Pardot, now what? Whether you’ve worked with an implementation partner or not, it’s crucial to ensure your users have received sufficient training.
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Spring ‘23 Release for Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

The Spring ‘23 release seems to have a bit of a running theme around maintenance and technical setup, with no updates for the marketer’s experience on the platform. One of the core values of Salesforce is trust, and this release seems to be ensuring their platform can remain a trusted tool to use. We may see more updates to features…
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Pardot Terms

10 Pardot (Account Engagement) Terms That Trick New Users

Understanding key Account Engagement (Pardot) terms is essential to learning the tool. Every tech industry loves a buzzword, and Pardot (Account Engagement) is no exception. If you’re learning Account Engagement (Pardot), or are training new users on how to use it, you should pay attention to understanding the terminology – grasp the key terms, and you will be more comfortable…
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Manage your Webinar Campaigns with Account Engagement (Pardot)

Integrating your webinar platform with Account Engagement (Pardot) allows webinars to become part of your marketing automation strategy.
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Pardot Lead Scoring

The Complete Guide to Pardot Score

Pardot score represents how engaged a prospect is, how interested the prospect is in your brand. Each Pardot (Account Engagement) prospect is assigned a numerical score that is calculated by assigning a number of points according to their interactions with your Pardot assets.
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Pardot Progressive Profiling Form Tutorial & Examples

Share this article... Progressive Profiling is an out-of-the-box Pardot Form feature. When a prospect returns to a form, only form fields that the prospect has not previously completed will be shown. For example, if we already know a prospect’s job title, the next time they return to the form, we can ask which marketing automation platform they’re using. Pardot Progressive…
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Pardot Consultant

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementations: What’s the Consultant’s Role?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementations involve setting up a new Marketing Cloud account, or making a specific enhancement to an existing account. There are specific requirements that are set out at the start of the implementation, and the delivery team takes those through to a successful ‘go live’.
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Change to Account Engagement (Pardot) File Access Behavior

It was one of the most annoying aspects of storing a file in Account Engagement (Pardot), and rather hard to justify to someone who was unfamiliar with the peculiarities of the system.
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Pardot Neverbounce

Email Verification Tools for Pardot (Account Engagement)

Email addresses are the lifeblood marketing automation. Invalid, old, or dummy email addresses cause high email bounce rates, which eventually will lead to poor deliverability (sender reputation) and skewed email reporting.
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10 Ways to Get Started With Marketing Ops

Marketing ops is a challenging, yet exciting role for any professional that is tuned into the art of marketing campaigns, and also the backend ‘plumbing’ that is required to prove they work. In the Salesforce Marketing space, marketing operations has a huge potential as a career path.
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